Power Up VT - School Food Marketing Materials

We know you work hard to prepare healthy meals each and every day for your students. The quality of school meals in Vermont has come a long way in Vermont, but student and public opinion hasn't shifted as dramatically as the actual meals we're serving.

That's why we created Power Up VT.

This marketing campaign was designed to help High School and Middle School food service directors, Farm to School coordinators and other school food champions to celebrate and promote their meal programs. We hope to inspire students and staff to ask themselves, "What's on your plate today?" Through a set of dynamic posters, sample marketing materials, tips and support, we want to help YOU get more healthy, powerful school food onto plates.

Get Started

  1. Read the full Toolkit
  2. Print the posters and display them prominently at your school
  3. Include a "Newsletter Blurb" in your next school-wide communication
  4. Try out one of the 10 Tips to Increase Participation in School Meals
  5. Collect feedback from students, teachers, and staff
  6. Like @Powered by VT School Food on Facebook and use the hashtag #PowerUpVT on all your social media posts and stay in touch!

This campaign was created by the Innovation in Supply Chain working group of the Vermont Farm to School Network. We're one of five groups that emerged from the Network's strategic mapping process in 2014. We identified supporting school food directors in marketing their programs as a critical leverage point for advancing Farm to School work, and this campaign is one of our first projects. We invite you to dive in below, use the resources, and get in touch if you'd like to get involved or if you have feedback on the materials or your experiences.