Vermont Farm to School Case Studies

What's happening with the Farm to School movement in Vermont?

A recent survey indicated that more than half of the state’s K-12 schools are integrating Farm to School programming into their cafeterias, classrooms, and communities! Especially in Vermont, schools are part of an interconnected system involving children, families, businesses, farms, distributors, and the broader community. Farm to School is not an add-on, but a mechanism for achieving school goals while improving the health and wellness of students, schools, and communities. These five case studies serve as tangible inspiration in recognizing there is not only one path to integrating a Farm to School program at a school or early care site. Each case study represents a unique journey, aligned with its own school’s priorities.

These case studies are a project of the Vermont Farm to School Network, University of Vermont Extension, and Vermont FEED.

Elementary School
Middle School
High School