Woodstock Union Middle High School

Farm-to-School has been an active group at WUHSMS since 2008.  Farm-to-School is a club open to both middle school and high school students.   The support team of Farm-to-School includes school staff members and community members. 

The goals of our club are to increase local food options being served in the cafeteria, to facilitate a working school garden, to compost, to build relationships between the school and the greater community, and to integrate food education through the disciplines. 

Our club's activities include (but are not limited to): visiting farms, composting, holding taste-tests, cooking, hosting local community meals, fundraising, participating in Woodstock’s Trek to Taste event, learning about food in the classroom, having food-related contests and gardening. 

Woodstock  Vermont
United States
Middle School
High School
# of Students: 
Project History: 
Classroom Activities: 
Curriculum Connections: Genetics, Art, Horticulture, Math, English-School garden
Cafeteria Activities: 
Taste Tests, Salad Bar implementation, School garden
Community Activities: 
Trek to Taste
Which Farms and/or Community Partners do you work with?: 
Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park
Upper Valley Farm to School
Sustainable Woodstock
Fable Farm, Barnard
Green Mountain Flour, Windsor
Cobb Hill Mushroom Enterprise-Hartland
Cloudland Farm, Pomfret
Moore's Apple Orchard, Pomfret
Do you have a school garden?: 
If yes, does the garden provide produce for the school cafeteria?: 
Vermont FTS grants received: 

Farm to School Contact

Contact Name: 
Kat Robbins
Place-Based Learning Coordinator
WUHSMS Staff working in the garden during an in-service
Students learn about classification systems in the garden