10 Children's Books that Teach Kids about Their Food

Ten titles to use in elementary school classrooms.

A Guide for Connecting Farms to Schools & Communities

Designed to help farmers, teachers, and community members learn how to use farms for education, and connect them to the community.

A Guide for Farm to School Community Action Planning

A starter “how to” for organizing a school committee to develop a Farm to School program written by Vermont FEED. This Guide can be downloaded for free on Vermont FEED's website.

A Guide for Using Local Foods in Schools

This guide is designed to help schools, and particularly food service, reconnect with local food systems through their school food programs. Download it for free from Vermont FEED's website.

A Guide to Taste Testing Local Foods in Schools

Tools and resources to help implement a taste testing program in your school.

Garden Organizer Toolkit

Vermont Community Garden Network provides an extensive list of resources to support both community and school gardens.

Green Mountain Farm to School Resources

Visit the GMFTS website for many resources for school gardens, compost programs, farm field trips, and many more.

Harvest of the Month Vermont

The website offers materials and resources to promote fresh, seasonal produce in Vermont, but can easily be adapted for use elsewhere.

KidsGardening is a national nonprofit with the mission of inspiring and supporting educators, parents and community organizations in their efforts to grow successful youth garden programs.

Multicultural Collection of Farm to ECE Books

The Food Trust’s multicultural collection of Farm to ECE books.

New School Cuisine Cookbook: Nutritious and Seasonal Recipes for School Cooks by School Cooks

More than 75 recipes for school kitchens to prepare healthy, locally-sourced meals for their students. The cookbook can be downloaded for free on Vermont FEED's website.

Raising Chickens and Bees in School Gardens

So, you've mastered fruits and veggies in your school garden? Bees and chickens can be the next step!

Seed Donations

High Mowing provides seeds for schools all over Vermont and the nation. Visit our website to apply for a seed donation.

Serving Up Tradition: A guide for school food in culturally diverse communities

This is a guide for food service directors and staff and community advocates, particularly from culturally diverse school districts.

A website designed to provide information and resources about school nutrition for school food service professionals, administrators, parents and concerned citizens living in Vermont.